Run your ecommerce business from anywhere with Parcelninja’s proprietary dashboard. Send/receive stock, warehouse it, scale it up, track customers orders and more.

Get instant access to real-time insights that help manage inventory within our warehouse, inbound stock and outbound customer orders. This allows you full visibility of stock through the entire fulfilment journey.

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Dashboard Screen

Our dashboard screen presents you with useful insights into your stock; item age analysis, space used within our warehouse, average velocity, total item value of inventory, inbound and outbound stock value, average basket value, stock value by class, SKU age analysis and various other key reporting metrics to ensure you run an efficient warehousing and fulfilment strategy, remotely.

Inbound Screen

The inbound screen is where you manage your stock that is scheduled for delivery to Parcelninja from your suppliers. You are able to create new inbound orders, check up on existing inbound orders and their current statuses and create and manage your customer returns to supplier.

Outbound Screen

From the outbound screen you are able to load your customers orders into our system (if you are not integrated into our API for automatic submission). Use our bulk outbound order CSV file to import your customers orders into our systems quick and efficiently. From this screen you are able to check the status of your customers order; whether it's delivered, enroute, in the picking queue or we are waiting on stock from your supplier to fulfil the order.

Inventory Screen

The inventory screen allows you full visibilty of your entire stock holding within Parcelninja's warehouse. Quickly see your inventory statuses, whether in stock, reserved, on back order, broken or unallocated you are able filter and manage your inventory with just a few clicks.

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