Reduce your supply chain costs and let Parcelninja store, pick, pack and deliver all of your parcels nationally at scale. Let us be your fine picking fulfillment partners today.

Our pickers use hands-free devices to verify correct location and product. Packing stations are equipped with touchscreens guiding packers through the process -- there is no room for error.

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The picker is the person which ensures your customers orders are accurately picked and ready for packing. The Parcelninja system automatically assigns orders to our pickers on a first-come-first-pick basis. All pickers are equipped with a mobile touch screen device and a handheld scanner, which guide them through the entire picking process.


Mobile touch screens are arm-mounted, which display your product location and description. The picker locates the shelf, scans to verify location, an image of your product appears on the device. The picker grabs your product, scans it to verify and either closes the pick or repeats the process if more products form part of your customers order.


Double verification happens at the packing station to ensure the correct product/s were picked, product weights and quantity are correct. The packer is guided through a series of steps on their touch screen after verification, products are packed in custom packaging, waybill is printed and your customers order is sent to dispatch.


Packing stations are equipped with a comprehensive array of boxes and packaging supplies to ensure your product is well-protected during the delivery process. You can provide us with your own packaging and can include special inserts. We work with various packaging suppliers and can assist you with the right choice.


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