Parcelninja provides two ways of integration; through our API or a self service web interface. Both options are an end-to-end integration into our world class system that has been evolving over the past 10 years.

Self Service Web Interface

Our self service web interface is built for ease of use and is perfect for ecommerce businesses that are currently doing around 1 - 40 orders per day. The system is extremely simple to use allowing you to manage your stock from your supplier to Parcelninja, manage your stock within our warehouse and manage fulfilment to your customers.

Parcelninja API

Integrating into Parcelninja’s API gives your business real-time deep integration throughout the entire warehouse & fulfilment process. We will work seamlessly with your existing cart. Using industry standard RESTful HTTP with JSON, you remain fully in control of your stock through a series of simple API web calls.

Parcelninja Integration

Through integration you able to:

  • Manage inbound stock - from your supplier to our warehouse
  • Manage outbound stock - from our warehouse to your customer
  • Manage inventory - end-to-end through the entire process
  • Reserve inventory
  • Get multiple courier quotes & display to your customer in real-time
  • Provide your customer updates through the entire process
  • Manage reverse logistics - from customer back to our warehouse, from our warehouse back to supplier.
  • Get access to a full reporting suite in real-time

Parcelninja API

For additional information on Parcelninja's REST API, visit our API documentation link below.

API Information

Integrate your existing cart through Stock2Shop

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce

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